Walking Full Circle

Audiobook: Walking Full Circle

When Christine Hart and Lakota Elder Zintkala Waste (pronounced “wash-tay”) approached The Guthtaigh Studio to produce an audiobook version of their popular book, “Walking Full Circle”, we were excited about the opportunity to be part of sharing a history that is too often glazed over here in our country.

But when the owner of The Guthtaigh Studio was invited to voice the project, he was initially very hesitant. Tanner is a white guy from New England, and not, at least in his opinion, the correct voice for this particular story. However, with Zintkala himself insisting, The Guthtaigh Studio, and Tanner, agreed to act as the voice talent.

Below is a short sample of the audio book, and if you’d like to hear the entire thing, we would encourage you to do so on Audible.com by clicking here.