Detective in the Dooryard

Audiobook: Detective in the Dooryard Friend of the studio, and all around good egg, Tim Cotton, is the mind behind the world famous Duck of Justice and the eloquent “cop missives” found in Detective in the Dooryard. This book shows the very human side of a small town police officer in Bangor Maine. The stories … Read more

Before You Begin

Audiobook: Before You Begin Before You Begin is a Stoicism-adjacent self-help book aimed to help those struggling to get a plan together do just that. Jacob Coldwell, the writer and narrator of this audiobook, has created what he calls, “The Compass System” – a way of organizing your thoughts so that you can get a … Read more

Walking Full Circle

Audiobook: Walking Full Circle When Christine Hart and Lakota Elder Zintkala Waste (pronounced “wash-tay”) approached The Guthtaigh Studio to produce an audiobook version of their popular book, “Walking Full Circle”, we were excited about the opportunity to be part of sharing a history that is too often glazed over here in our country. But when … Read more