Guthtaigh is a Colorado-based boutique recording studio specializing exclusively in dialogue-driven audio productions.

Recording & Post-Production services for audio books, podcasts, audio dramas, and voice over. Pricing can be found below.

  • Audio Book Production - $400 per finished hour
  • Podcast Post-Production - $200 per episode
  • Audio Drama Production - Varies by scope of project
  • General Recording - $60 per hour
  • Other services - call to inquire

What does "Guthtaigh" mean exactly?

Guthtaigh is a made-up word; the combination of two Scottish Gaelic words, "guth" meaning "voice", and "taigh" meaning "room". Together, "Voice Room". Since we specialize exclusively in spoken word and dialogue productions (audio books, podcasts, ADR, etc.), it seemed appropriate to think of our humble studio as a room for voices. The Voice Room Studio or, since we're all of Scottish descent, The Guthtaigh Studio. 

For more information you may contact our Studio Manager via email:

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